The Return of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Nothing speaks of Presidential qualifications like claiming you’re the victim of a conspiracy. Well, Nixonian qualifications, anyway.

On Tuesday, she asserted the conspiracy is alive and well, and cited as proof the Election Day 2002 case of phone jamming in New Hampshire, a case in which two Republican operatives pleaded guilty to criminal charges, and a third was convicted.

“To the New Hampshire Democratic party’s credit, they sued and the trail led all the way to the Republican National Committee,” Clinton said.

“So if anybody tells you there is no vast right-wing conspiracy, tell them that New Hampshire has proven it in court,” she said.

If you believe for one second that one political party does all the “dirty tricks” and the other is clad in innocence, you’re deluded. Republicans pull these stunts. Democrats slash tires. It happens everywhere.

But if you want to prove yourself as a paragon of virtue, nothing works better than the ol’ “I’m a victim!” claim.

Hillary Clinton claimed back in 1998 that her husband was the victim of the VRWC. And it was a Republican who investigated his misconduct as President. (Who else would it be? A Democrat? Ha!) And now she claims that there is a conspiracy because of phone-jamming, a violation of FCC rules. Bear in mind the Republicans didn’t prevent anyone from voting– they just prevented people from harassing others into voting.

Heck, some people may even be thankful.

So, if you’re a Democrat or you’re thinking of voting for Hillary, do you really want someone with a history of extreme paranoia sitting in the Oval Office? Last guy who did that resigned.

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