Hostile College Campuses!

I know, it’s a shock– SHOCK I tell you– that college campuses are hostile environments towards conservatives. And when you get a biased teacher with a captive audience, they’ll use that time to preach a political agenda. I think we’ve all had a teacher like that. Where I teach, I hear about it. I’m careful to avoid the comments altogether.

If only other teachers would follow my lead.

Among the allegations: Bryan reported President George W. Bush won the election “because people … can’t read,” and, regarding the death penalty: “First we line up everyone who can’t think and right behind them, anyone who’s ever voted Republican.”

…Bryan said she thought Cook had enjoyed the “debate” of the classroom, but Cook said she chose not to confront the teacher during class time. “If someone’s suggesting you just be killed you don’t sit down and say ‘let’s talk,'” Cook said.

Bryan’s perception is that she was the one who was hurt.

“I do see it as an insult, personally and professionally,” she said. Bryan told the Sentinel she believes Cook is making a “mountain out of a molehill.”

The department syllabus notes that English 102 teaches “critical thinking” as well as essay and persuasive writing.”

Now I’m willing to give Bryan the benefit of the doubt, to a certain degree. We see what happens when a college is reactionary to any student-induced scandal. But there had to be a precipitating incident, and conservatives have pretty tough skin as it’s politically correct to make Republicans the butt of your jokes. Try it with the other side and you’re likely to get crickets. (For example, try this joke at your next Faculty Senate session: Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: That’s not funny!)

My biggest problem here is that it was an introductory English class. Why should politics or jokes about politics be brought up at all? If it’s a Political Science course, sure, one expects it. But English?


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