The Pro-Genocide Candidate

I don’t know what Hillary is thinking. First she dredges up the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy meme again, and now she’s out there saying we should keep a US presence in Iraq, but it should be small and it shouldn’t intervene even if there’s genocide.

What kind of foreign policy is that?

To sum up my feelings on it, just read what Captain Ed has to say:

More nuanced? It’s abysmal, cynical, and completely self-serving. To commit the US to inaction in the face of genocide is nothing short of breathtaking, especially with the Left agitating for action — and rightly so — in Darfur. It should also remind voters of Bill Clinton’s record in Rwanda.

The Left always seems concerned and wants us to “do something”. They just never want to “do it right”.

h/t: HotAir


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