Greenwald and Short Term Memory Loss

Greenwald over at Salon today:

Yet here are multiple comments from Johnson’s standard, regular followers — all of whom have to register as LGF users, a device Johnson uses to ban commenters of whom he disapproves — expressing explicit support for Al Qaeda’s plot against President Carter:

And here’s Greenwald on March 1st blogging about the comments posted on liberal blogs about Cheney’s health:

Why would Kurtz so prominently tout and condemn the meaningless and unrepresentative remarks of 200 or so anonymous blog comments, while ignoring the equally perverse behavior and ideas of some of his best-est friends on television, detailed here, here, here, and today by Arianna Huffington here? And why was Kurtz’s column so easily predictable — almost to a verbatim degree — given what a nonpartisan, objective referee he is of media bias? Isn’t it long overdue that someone tell Kurtz that he needs to try harder if he wants to maintain his pretense of nonpartisan, above-it-all, objective media observer?

So, now that the comments appear on a “right-wing” blog, it’s perfectly OK to then paint the Right-Wingers in such a light?

Bear in mind this guy has published books and writes for Salon.

I also find it curious that on the “Blogs I read” section, he doesn’t list Little Green Footballs, although he does have time to sift through the hundreds of comments to find comments on the article and then post them.

Additionally, on one of LGF’s open-registration periods, is Charles really monitoring the hundreds of ISPs that come in, banning those who he prognosticates may be liberals? How can he use the limited registration tool to weed out posters who disagree with him when they haven’t even gotten the chance to post yet!

Or you can just go the PuffingTons Host route and ban people like me who ridicule the lack of critical thinking that many of the posters there have.

Glenn Greenwald, you are a very odd, odd man. And for the banning/registration thing, you certainly earn an Aquanet moment.


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