Monday Quick Links

Sorry for the lack of posting today. I’m currently administering a test to my intrepid students. Currently feedback is less than positive! Wanted to touch on a few cool items.

  • Iran has stopped inspectors from visiting nuclear sites. I think I know the real reason why they’ve been barred– their wives weren’t ready to have the company and demanded the time to tidy the place up! I mean, who can welcome inspectors from the IAEA when you’ve got loose bars of U-235 laying around. Am I right, fellas? I can hear it now: “Ahmed– we can’t have them here! I mean, look at this ratty ol’ burkha I’m wearing. They’ll think I’m some kind of dhimmi!”
  • In a bizarre twist, biologists have engineered a mosquito which resists malaria, reducing the transfer risk from infected to non-infected! I don’t know about you, but how about just breeding a mosquito that destroys other mosquitos and doesn’t suck blood? Or how about engineering one that only sucks from discarded bottles of Powerade? I think they’re missing the big picture here.
  • And it looks as though they’re getting closer, to a degree, on figuring out just how our molecules were put together 4.0 billion years ago to start the chain of complex life. Scientists think that RNA was a precursor to DNA as far as molecular complexity goes.
  • Fresh off of Drudge, looks like having sex, on purpose, to teach your daughter about sex is punishable by prison time for child neglect. I’m trying to wrap my head around that one. Seems anything you do can be neglectful. Child outside a car seat? Go to jail. Child in a car seat but not properly secured? Go to jail. Child is overweight? Go to jail. Child doesn’t get enough time reading “It Takes A Village”? Go to jail. I’m not saying we should be having sex in front of our kids, but suppose they popped in a porno, or worse, just surfed the internet to teach their daughter (albeit very young, pre-pubescent daughter) about sex? Is that neglect? Is teaching your kids about sex harmful? We know our schools want to teach our kids about sex as early as 4th grade, and I was 9 when I was in 4th grade. Should those teachers go to the big house? Isn’t a nanny state just lovely?

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