On the Payroll of Big Nile and Other Stories to Chill Your Soul

So a couple of frauds from JPL are out claiming that the sun is responsible for global warming. What a crock!

Their evidence is that the record of Aurora and the levels of the Nile are directly tied together.

And we all know that JPL is just a shill for Big Oil and Big Space. The people there know nothing about climate change or science! They should be asking big-name scientists like David Roberts (almost got a Ph.D. in philosophy) and Laurie David (a vice-president for sitcom development and holder of a prestigious bachelor’s in journalism).

All sarcasm aside, it’s an interesting correlation. It’s a short article, give it a read.

There’s also mondo discussion over at HotAir, Verum Serum, Learning Straight Up.


Other Global Warming news:

James Hansen, climate modeler extraordinarie and NASA scientist maverick, has claimed he was muzzled by the Bush administration for trying to get the word out about Global Warming.

In fact, the Bush Administration didn’t want him to give any more than 1400 interviews about models that predict global warming. The fact that Hansen wanted to giver more than 1500 interviews was just too much for the Bush Administration to handle.

  • We have over 1,400 opportunities that you’ve availed yourself to, and yet you call it, you know, being stifled,” said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican.
    Mr. Hansen responded: “For the sake of the taxpayers, they should be availed of my expertise. I shouldn’t be required to parrot some company line.”
  • Mr. Hansen yesterday said the Bush administration threatened him and his office over his stance on global warming.
    “It was an oral threat made to a public affairs person in New York and relayed to me,” said Mr. Hansen, who is listed as a senior adviser to Mr. Gore and consulted on Mr. Gore’s global warming film, “An Inconvenient Truth.”
    Citing what he called a “growth of political interference,” Mr. Hansen said he was forced by NASA officials to deny an interview request from NPR because press officials believed the network to have a liberal bias.
    But Mr. Issa noted that Mr. Hansen conducted 15 interviews in the month after accusing the Bush administration of censorship.
    During the hearing, former NASA spokesman George Deutsch said he made an error in judgment by sending an e-mail to his superiors suggesting that several of Mr. Hansen’s colleagues should grant the NPR interview instead of him.

In other words, “Hey, Hansen, how about you let somebody else handle the NPR interview?” “NO! I want the publicity! ME ME ME ME ME! AHHH, CENSORSHIP!” “Uh, Dr. Hansen, there’s a producer from NOVA on the phone wanting to know if he can do an interview with you?” “Oh, ok. Sure.”

If you want to talk about muzzling, try talking to the climatologist for the state of Delaware, who’s been told by the governor to “not talk about climate and use his title [State Climatologist] in the same forum” because he’s a “global warming denier”. (Climate Nazi!)


And there’s a great piece about global temperature and what the “average” global temperature really me mans. When I get a chance I’ll expand on it, but as it is, I’m late for class.


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