Edwards’ Wife Ill?

Drudge has a splash on his front page about a noon announcement from the Edwards camp, and speculation is swirling about his wife and her bout with cancer and that she may have either relapsed or developed additional cancer. It’s remote, but there is a possibility that this will end his campaign.

I hope & pray that Elizabeth Edwards doesn’t have cancer, and that is she does, the treatment she receives will put the cancer back into remission.

This also highlights the request of Newt Gingrich that we keep personal politics out of public eye for the 2008 (and hopefully further) campaign. It’s bad enough you lose any and all privacy as a candidate for office, but the second we start discrediting someone because of who they’re married to (or who they cheated on, etc.) rather than their leadership ability, then we’ve gone too far.

I don’t give the Clintoon a free pass on this. He was abusing his power to have indiscriminate sex with women– it had nothing to do with extramarital affairs. He lied under oath about it. He committed a felony (perjury) to get away from his lies, and the man who’s in charge of the Executive Branch of the US Government shouldn’t be doing that. So I feel his impeachment was totally justified, not because he was a philanderer, but because he abused his office. And all the furniture in that office. (Gross!)

Newt’s extramarital affair and divorces aren’t going to sit well with the religious right, either, and between that and the animosity he picked up from the elderly, he’s never going to carry an election, regardless of the brilliance of his ideas. So this little plea of his is an attempt to “play nice” and see what that gets him as far as poll numbers go.


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