Kow-towing to the Energy Bully

Everyone needs fuel. It’s the lifeblood of the modern economy. And China needs it in spades.

And now they march to their neighbors to the north to “request’ (beg) for energy, and that comes from the teat of Gazprom, Putin’s pet fuel conglomerate that has been seizing private fields and choking the supplies to neighboring countries dependent upon its rich fuel reserves.

Russia’s latest move? To squeeze Iran to do its bidding, or get no aid with its nuclear program. Iran has invested heavily into the program, and for Russia to leave it high and dry right now would collapse the entire Iranian government structure. They have no choice but to do what Russia says.

As a result, China needs to go beg Russia (not Iran) for use of Iranian oil. Now Russia is the big energy king in the region, just where Putin needs to be, regulating the growth of all of those around them to keep Russia competitive. It’s a brilliant strategy, but it’s dangerous. It is not unfeasible that Russia could provoke a conflict in the area. It all has to be carefully played out with China, and it’s why Hu is going to Russia.


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