Jeb Bush Gets No Love

I’m not a huge fan of the Bush political dynasty. Bush 41 was no Reagan. Bush 43 is good on foreign policy, but he hasn’t been shrinking government or curbing spending. But Jeb Bush seems to have done reasonably well for Florida, and he’s certainly aided education by green-lighting three new medical schools (and it’s diluted the money for the Florida Medical School!, is the complaint).

Well, it’s enough to have the faculty senate veto his selection for an honorary doctorate, primarily because the Senate hasn’t felt he’s done enough for the school.

Sure, that’s it. It has nothing to do with him being a Republican and/or the brother of the Bu$$$$Hitler. No, of course not!

But they have given honorary doctorates to some left-leaning people without a problem, like Fredrico Mayor in 1992 (liberal? You betcha!) . But they’re trying to make it sound like a snub from a snub from Jeb. Riiiighhtt.

Did you know how many honorary degrees Edward Kennedy has? One. Two. Three (pre Chappaquiddick). Four(pre-Chap). Five. Jeb Bush? Zero.

So, let’s see. Get away with murder? Three honorary law degrees. Republican governor? Zero.


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