Iran Manufactures Evidence

And now they’re going to parade the sailors on TV for all to see.

So, let’s go through the checklist:

1) Seizure of Western forces in international waters? Check. (Verified by GPS data from the HMS Cornwall and the stopped merchant vessel.)

2) Claim that it was an act of aggression by Western forces? Check.

3) Provide “confessions” of the sailors? Check.

4) Move them to your capital to forestall a rescue operation? Check.

5) Parade them on TV for humiliation value? Check.

Now all we need is Jimmy Carter to order a rescue operation.

Iran is doing everything in their power to get themselves attacked. I’m thinking it’s some prophecy about the 12th Imam. So far, it seem to be working. As for pushing for the appearance of a Mahdi? Eh, not looking so good.

I do believe the quote was “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” The same goes in Islam.


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