PuffingTons Host: Russel Shaw Shocked by Sen. Dole!

It’s true. Russel finds it objectionable that there’s nothing by Sen. Elizabeth Dole on her press release site expressing sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards.

He says:

First, a bit of background. Elected to the U.S. Senate from North Carolina in 2002, Elizabeth Dole served alongside then-Senator John Edwards for two years.

Although they were from different political parties, it is a certainty that Mrs. Dole met Mrs. Edwards several times during that interval.

Here in the U.S., we have a custom that when a prominent office-holder and/or family passes on or experiences a health-related crisis, even the members of his/her opposite party from the same state wish them well.

Heck, right-wing extremist governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota has offered prayers up for Tim Johnson, the state’s Democratic Senator. Were Sen. Johnson to leave the Senate, Rounds would be in the position to make an appointment to give the Republicans the balance of power in the Senate.

But still, Mike Rounds is on the record appealing for divine assistance to not make that circumstance happen.

I just checked out the press release section of Sen. Dole’s site. Not a prayerful word, nor even a word of courtesy expressing support for the Edwards family- prominent North Carolinians in the prayers of so many both inside and outside North Carolina.

Perhaps this is an oversight. I say this because Elizabeth Dole has not failed to demonstrate compassion. From 1991 to 1999, she head the American Red Cross- an organization synonymous with compassion. And her husband, Bob Dole, has had significant health issues for most of his adult life.

C’mon, Elizabeth Dole. How’s about at least a statement about your fellow Carolinians, the Edwards family?

Here’s my response:

There’s no press release from Hillary, Kerry, or Kennedy on their press-release pages on wishing Elizabeth Edwards well, either.


And if you check Hillary, Obama, Richardson, Kucinich, Dean– none have anything to say on Tony Snow. Only Edwards has said something in support of Snow.

I find it telling that the right side of the blogosphere has been vocal in its compassion for Elizabeth Edwards, yet you can’t find a nice word to say about Tony Snow on the HuffPo by the bloggers, but plenty of gushing pieces lauding Elizabeth Edwards.

Do you guys really hate conservatives that much that you can’t throw a short blog up wishing Tony Snow well?

Class all the way.

To be fair, Hillary did issue a statement, not a press release in support of Edwards. And let’s be honest– did anyone from the press contact Sen. Dole to ask for her reaction? Probably not, and if they did, they didn’t publish it.


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