Iran Postures

Iran still has the hostages. I haven’t blogged about it because I think we all know what any sane person’s reaction will be: “Iran’s nuts.”

Yes, they’ve captured soldiers. Yes, they claim illegal intrusion. Yes, Blair is shaking with anger.

Of course Iran will do all of this. This is the SOP of the Iranian propaganda machine. Hezbollah did something similar with Israel, and Israel launched an offensives which turned into a PR nightmare. So they’re goading the UK and the US into doing something similar.

I think Tony’s been unfairly treated. You just don’t bomb Tehran, especially in this politically delicate climate. So he’s using the Instrument of Global Moral Authority, the UN Security Council, to get what he wants done.

Unfortunately, the Russians and Chinese won’t authorize military action against Iran because they’ve landed lucrative contracts with the Iranians. So Blair’s putting diplomatic pressure on the Iranians.

Condi’s already feeling the heat from freezing some Iranian assets. (I’m still amazed at how quickly North Korea caved when the US froze their monetary assets.) And after two weeks, we’ll see the hostages released when it’s obvious the UK and US won’t invade.

But I’d authorize any naval vessels, if they come under fire from Iranian ships in international waters, to sink them. (Unless you’re Rosie and you think the Birts and the Indian merchant vessel were in Iranian waters.) No more pussy-footing around. If Iran wants to kidnap people in international waters then parade them around on camera, they’re going to have to face the possibility of instant reprisal.


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