Michael Ware — Friend or Foe?

Drudge has a highlighted report about Michael Ware, CNN Baghdad reporter, heckling Sens. McCain and Graham about the security in the city. CNN’s version is here. Allahpundit at HotAir has been on this story since the inception, and he’s got video.

However, I’m a bit troubled, as I think Ware is right, and McCain is right, to a degree. Are the streets of Baghdad safer? Sure. Does that mean Johnny Q. Westerner can wear his Sunday Best and stroll through the neighborhoods? No. He’s a target by just about anyone. But what of the average Iraqi? They’re in far less danger and could traverse most streets safely. So they’re both right.

However, Ware’s conduct at the press conference was very unprofessional. And he’s said he’s drunk most of the time, so you have to wonder if he was under the influence at the press conference?

I’m not thinking this was a case of press bias, either, as Ware certainly understands the stakes, especially in setting timetables. And his criticism of a timetable got him mentioned on Limbaugh.

So don’t play him both ways. He can’t be a CNN Liberal and a CNN rogue conservative. My guess he’s a drunk Aussie frustrated at the politics of it all. In that case, pass me a beer.


In related news, Nancy Pelosi and some other useful idiots were over in Syria talking to Assad. Why? I have no idea. But the Republicans were at least pressing Assad to stop supporting insurgents in Iraq. Or so they said. In the meantime, they were providing political cover to Pelosi so she doesn’t seem like she’s subverting the power of the Executive branch in a partisan fashion.


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