Bleeding-Heart Hate Machines

There’s plenty of venom on the internet. You’ll find it from the right-side of the political spectrum, but you also find it from the left-side of the spectrum as well.

What’s surprising is that the left-side is supposed to be the side of “all is love” ex-hippie flower child. The bleeding heart, who wishes we could go out and help every single starving child in the world. The bleeding heart who wishes all bombs were instead loaves of bread. The bleeding heart who drives with bumper stickers that say, “You can’t hug you child with nuclear arms” or “Imagine a world where schools had billions from the government and the army had to hold bake-sales to buy arms.”

But more and more we’re seeing the youth movement become increasingly violent. Just recently here’s some very anti-social behavior from “the party of love”:

  • Minions of the Goracle threaten the receptionist and others at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.
  • “Green” enthusiasts on bicycles express displeasure at a mother and her children in a minivan by assaulting them and making the children cry. Of course, it wasn’t an overreaction by the greenies. Or even just a reaction by the greenies. It was the mom’s fault for emitting carbon.
  • There’s the neverending barrage of hate mail Michelle Malkin gets, and it’s been reposted in response to someone else getting bullied from unspecified sources.
  • And more “love” from the left for people on the lookout for terrorists.
  • Even this blog isn’t impervious to the venom.

Considering how often I hear that the Republicans are the “party of Hate”, I am shocked at the absolute depravity of those on the Left who make such attacks.

These aren’t isolated incidents. The hate is real. And for the life of me I don’t know why. I don’t hate liberals and I don’t wish them to “find a hole and stick a knife in it”. I just want them to open their eyes to long-term analysis and think with their brains for a moment rather than their hearts. Especially the dark portions of their hearts that provoke them to verbally abuse children.


1 Response to “Bleeding-Heart Hate Machines”

  1. 1 Bobak
    April 7, 2007 at 12:52 am

    Oh, Waa Waa- The right finally realizes that liberals won’t be pushed around by the hateful on the right (lets see: Anne Coulter, Bill O’reily, Rush, Pat Robertson, Mike Savage….we could be here all day).The point don’t cry when you get your own medicine….wuss…

    At least liberals are funny when they rip on your kind….

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