Chertoff: The British Are Coming

If it wasn’t bad enough they invaded in 1812 and the mid-60’s….

Chertoff is actually worried about radicalized Muslims in the mosques in England. They’ve largely gone unmolested by the British, who have let Muslim immigrants do whatever they want, including trials.

It’s a disturbing trend. We see it with the “youths” in France. The murder of Van Gogh in Amsterdam. Radical Islam is spreading throughout Europe. Fortunately the worst we have here is Radical Muslims trying to muzzle John Does, although it’s a doorway to the next step of intimidating the populace.

Chertoff is sounding an alarm that is not ringing in the ears of the media over here. The difference between the bombings in London and 9/11 is that the bombers there were homegrown, while 9/11 was conducted by foreigners training on our soil. The English are taking it personal, and their reaction is to extract their vengeance upon rivals of their favorite football team.

Seriously, what is the English response? Nothing. They haven’t taken any visible steps to prevent this other than to install cameras which yell at you when you litter.

And now that the Radicalized Muslims have a foothold in England, we have to wonder if it’s going to be a launching point for attacks against American interests, or if it’s going to be a gateway for extremists into the country.

At least Chertoff is watching what he’s supposed to be watching.


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