TP: But- But- Gingrich Said…

Think Progress is comparing apples and oranges. Newt was on Fox News Sunday and Chris Wallace (a fair and balanced journalist if ever there was one) started needling Newt about his statements as speaker on Taiwan and his complaints about Albright and her pro-Palestinian stances, all to try and somehow paint Pelosi’s trip to Syria as anything but the shadow diplomacy it was.
TP also had some on Hastert when Hastert was giving congressional support to our ally in the Drug War.

The elephant in the room is Syria. Syria is a sponsor of terrorism. Taiwan and Colombia are our allies as a democratic state opposed by communist China and a nation with the most to gain (and lose) in battling the drug cartels which thrive in Colombia.

Syria is not an ally. Syria’s actions directly oppose US Foreign Policy. The US will not deal with terrorists. That was Reagan’s policy, Bush’s policy, Clinton’s policy, Bush’s policy– but not Pelosi’s policy! She’ll do whatever she wants to do. The fact 5 Repbulicans accompanied her does nothing to detract from the action that direct meetings with someone we’re trying to isolate directly undermines our interests in the region. Anyone involved in that trip is acting as Chamberlain to Assad.


Elsewhere on TP Bill Kristol was lambasted for his remarks that the seizing of British soldiers by Iran should have been handled with military strikes.

I find it amusing that a direct act of war such as seizing military assets of another country is deemed an action that cannot be dealt with in a military manner. It’s this kind of thinking that has emboldened Hezbollah and Hamas. In fact, in order to get their soldier, Gilad Shalit, back,
Israel is considering releasing a list of terrorists that Hamas wants. Iran got their diplomat back (who has accused the US of torture, following the Terrorist Playbook by the letter) and we’re playing around with the idea of releasing the Quds forces who were in Iraq to help establish the current insurgency.

Why is it inconceivable to use military force to counter military force used against us? Why not respond in kind, or even better, in spades. Let’s send a message that discourages this kid of terrorism instead of emboldens it.


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