The BBC: Only the Most Unbiased Programming

Not wanting to upset viewers, the BBC has canceled a movie in the works about Pvt. Johnson Beharry who was awarded the Victoria Cross for heroism. Why did they cancel it? They thought it would be too violent? Too gory? Too tragic?

No. They thought it would be pro-war and it would upset the anti-war moonbats.

Private Johnson Beharry’s courage in rescuing an ambushed foot patrol then, in a second act, saving his vehicle’s crew despite his own terrible injuries earned him a Victoria Cross.

For the BBC, however, his story is “too positive” about the conflict.

The corporation has canceled the commission for a 90-minute drama about Britain’s youngest surviving Victoria Cross hero because it feared it would alienate members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq.

Yep. Don’t want to upset the anti-war crowd. They might accuse you supporting war and violence and then firebomb your offices.


And more from the BBC. A reporter has embedded with the Taliban in order to report about their struggles against NATO in Afghanistan.

It’s interesting as the British are currently in command of the operations in Afghanistan. A reporter is reporting about the enemy, and singing their praises.

There is no army on earth as mobile as the Taleban.

I remember it as their secret weapon when I travelled with them in the mid-1990s, as they swept aside rival mujahideen to take most of the country.

Piled into the back of open Toyota trucks, their vehicle of choice, and carrying no possessions other than their weapons, they can move nimbly.

What a bunch of noble people. You can almost hear him fawning over their leaders. The same people who forced Hindu and Sikhs towear badges so they could distinguish them on sight.

More loving admiration:

The Taleban official spokesman, Mohammed Anif, explained: “When the Islamic movement of the Taleban started in the first place, the main reason was because of concern among people about corruption.

“People were fed up with having to bribe governors, and other authorities.

“We rose up and saved almost the whole country from the evils of corruption and corrupt commanders. That’s why people are supporting the Taleban again now.”

The Taliban– only popular because they are fighting government corruption! What do you want, a government that resists corruption or one that gives women rights? Hand over the Taliban, right, Mr. Loyn?

On civilian casualties:

The intensifying conflict itself also plays into their hands. It is hard for Nato to promote its mission as humanitarian given the inevitable civilian casualties of conflict.

The Taleban deny British claims that hundreds of their soldiers have been killed.

They say that since they wear only the loose long cotton shirts and trousers – shalwar kameez – of any local villager, then the British cannot easily tell them apart.

In a village damaged by a British attack on the night of 7 October, some people were too angry to talk to me because I was British.

Nato sources describe this village as being heavily defended by the Taleban, who fired on their forces throughout the operation.

British soldiers landed in helicopters, arrested a suspect and flew away.

But they left six dead in one family, including three young girls, and partially demolished the mosque.

Thos murdering Brits! Unless, of course, the Taliban were using the tried and true terrorist tactic of firing from Mosques and firing from behind civilian positions. But Loyn won’t report that, will he? He’ll only report what he wants to– that the military forces of his own country are evil, people-grabbing and civilian-killing monsters.

Nothing like having a fair and balanced press corps. Let’s blow up more priceless history. Maybe that will get him to see just how bad the Taliban are.

h/t: LGF for both.

UPDATE: Malkin has a post all about Johnson Beharry. It has a description of how he won the Victoria Cross.

And it looks like the Royal Marines who were held hostage have been given the green light to go out and make as much money as possible to tell their story. Or sell their gifts from Iran on Ebay.

John Tindell, the father of Joe Tindell, another of the hostages, said his son had turned down an offer of £10,000. “The MoD said if you want to earn money you are free to go out and do it. I was a bit surprised. The MoD said to the marines, ‘Go out there, tell the truth and make the money’.”

He claimed the marines were planning to sell on eBay the vases given to them in their “goody bags” by the Iranians.

Great. Now we’ll have British soldiers lining up at the Iranian border, hoping for capture, just so they can get released and sell their story.


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