Slow Nooz Day

So far, the latest stories aren’t piquing my interest and I’ve got to make a bunch of CO2 pellets (to destroy the environment, muhahahaha!) and make a big batch of LDA for my lab today.

I will say that I watched “Thank God You’re Here!” on NBC last night. It’s replacing “The Black Donnellys” which replaced “Studio 60”. Not a surprise, really. When your lineup sucks, best to inject some cheap reality TV shtick instead of original programming. BTW, this gets replaced with “The Real Wedding Crashers”, another reality show.

As for “Thank God You’re Here!”, it was ok. The celebrities are doing “improv”, but the setup lines are painfully obvious. Bryan Crantson was pretty funny last night. And I think Joel McHale got robbed– ROBBED I tell you.

The major failure to the show is that its not improv. It’s effectively Mad Libs. There’s a script with holes in it and the celebrity says whatever they want, but everyone else has to follow the script. There’s no reaction to the celebrity’s lines, so it’s one man doing improv in the midst of other people doing a scene, and that’s brutal.


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