All I Can Say is Wow

The EU wants to put Holocaust deniers in jail for 3 years.

What’s next, global warming deniers? Deniers of Sola Scriptora? Gravity deniers? Fusion sun deniers?

I’m glad they’re testing this government-regulated thinking with the Holocaust first. Considering that the Muslim population is exploding in Europe, and so is militant Islam, the European prisons will be overflowing with Muslim Holocaust Deniers.

Are they going to round up anyone who goes to Iran for “conferences on the Holocaust”?

Given all the other problems the EU is facing, is this issue they really want to be tackling? How to overflow the prison system?


1 Response to “All I Can Say is Wow”

  1. 1 khadija warsame
    May 10, 2007 at 1:12 am

    funny,because lam 13years old, and i grew up as muslim all my life. and this So called ” mlilanity islam” is not ture. why can’t people understand the real Islam, the real beauty of Islam. Also , because of this terroism that really going around is all totally normal because there was a time when the followers of Christ were hated, and the jews were hated, and now it’s islam time to be hated. i also wanted to add that muslim are good, people. even if you knock on a fellow muslim door they will greet as if you are their son. i go to to {ALBERTA< CANADA}Edmonton Lslamic Academy, this school is the most design school on the face of the planet, it's so beauty, it house up to kg to grade 9 and compare to other school it's is more cleaner and wealther enviorment. even the cost for the school is about 3400 a year it's a small price to pay for such good shelter. thank for .
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    thank you again

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