Thank You Sheryl Crow

Post #600 on my blog was about Sheryl Crow and her desire to regulate restroom frugality. Strangely enough, the Puffingtons Host didn’t want post my comments on the Laurie David/Sheryl Crow tour.

As a lark, I sent it to AP at Hot Air. As it was Friday, and Friday’s a good day at Hot Air for silly stuff, it was picked up. I was happy. It was the most traffic this site has ever seen.

Then it kinda went nuts. Everyone was picking up on the story. Even Malkin linked to it (although she did link to Hot Air and not me. Where’s the love?)

And now it’s really gone too far…

Drudge doesn’t link to blogs (and I understand why– he frequently shuts down smaller servers with “Drudgelanches”, so he does it to keep the flow of information going, not because he’s a blog snob). But he did link to the Washington Post diary of the Crow/David bus tour (and to a BBC story as well).

So there it is. My big break into fame. All because Sheryl Crow doesn’t want to wipe her ass.

Oh, and the other 599 posts on here are really great stuff. You should read all of that, too.


1 Response to “Thank You Sheryl Crow”

  1. 1 Bobak
    April 23, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    Wow, Sheryl Crow and her insight on toilet paper is your big break? Congrats!
    Honestly, a celebrity talking about anything outside entertainment is like a Priest talking about anything other than fairy tales in a book. Either way, the ignorant still take their advice…

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