Eat the Rice!

Seems that a staple in the diet of most of the world is causing global warming.

But the good news? Methane emissions are steadying, but are projected to increase again. But don’t worry. The big gun, CO2, is still out there, destroying the planet and approaching dangerous levels of 400 ppm (0.04%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

So the goal is to get nearly 1/3 of the world’s population (India and China) to not eat rice, and instead switch to something else. But what?

All plants decay and release CO2. Animals exhale CO2. So anything we feed people will eventually become CO2 and methane. Quite a conundrum, right?

Well, China’s got the answer: abortion!

“China is already doing a lot,” said Hu Tao, of China’s State Environmental Protection Administration.

He said China’s one-child per couple policy introduced in the early 1980s, for instance, had a side-effect of braking global warming by limiting the population to 1.3 billion against a projected 1.6 billion without the policy.

“This has reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” he told a conference in Oslo last month. China is the number two emitter of greenhouse gases, mainly from burning fossil fuels, behind the United States and ahead of Russia.

I really wish I was making this up. China’s solution to global warming? Rigid population control and abortion of excess children.

I think in the next 5 years they’ll suggest that nuclear war will put so much debris into the atmosphere it’ll help counteract global warming, too. See, a positive side to everything monstrous!


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