Arianna PuffingTONS

Republicans = Neanderthals.

Nice one, Arianna. Even better:

Flashing back to the Reagan era is one thing; flashing back to the Dark Ages is quite another.

You know, if we go back to a Dark Ages economy, it will solve the problem of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe they’re greener than you think, Arianna?

Of course, if she’s going to throw around the “neanderthal” line, the least she could do is proofread her own blog:

By significant majorities, the American people believe in the science of evolution, don’t want Roe overturned, don’t want to turn back the clock job discrimination laws, and do want to bring our troops home from Iraq.

I don’t know what the part in bold means, but it certainly sounds like a Neanderthal trying to speak English. “No turn back clock! Fire bad!”

But the biggest issue I have with Arianna is her blatant misrepresentation of what happened in the debate:

Who would cut taxes the deepest? Who would be alright with firing gay Americans from their jobs? Who would jump the highest if Roe v. Wade was reversed? Who would build the biggest fence around America? Who would put an end to stem cell research the fastest? Who would reject evolution most passionately?

Firing gay Americans? Reject evolution most passionately? I’m not sure what debate she was watching.

But it doesn’t matter. Remember, the evil Republicans are out to force you to get pregnant, stay straight, worship GOD, and reject all science. That’s a big paintbrush she’s using.


1 Response to “Arianna PuffingTONS”

  1. 1 Bobak
    May 5, 2007 at 6:35 am

    Um…..as a “scientist” or whatever you might call yourself you sure aren’t very good at your historical periods…..although using Arianna to try to show how Liberals (like myself) generalize the right is like me saying how ridiculous Mike Savage’s views of liberals are (but then again you probably buy into that)


    Neanderthals….you were off by more than 100,000 years…way to go with your CSI-like skills….but you don’t believe in evolution….do you? If so get it right…if not…..well just keep the blinders on, gezus will save you…haha

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