The 30 person debate

This week saw the 40 Democrats and 80 Republicans debating on cable television. And what did we learn from these debates?

  • You cannot get meaningful information out of a candidate in 15 seconds.
  • While saying “Senator” and “Governor” at the start of a question, it doesn’t necessarily help you know who’s being addressed or who that person is.
  • It’s fun to beat up on “No-Strings” Kucinich.
  • Chris Matthews is really in love with his own voice.
  • Questions from “the internet” really have to be carefully screened for relevance, bias, and quality.

I think it’s time for an “Internet Debate”. Get all the candidates to address 10 important questions in 200 words or less and then share those answers with the other candidates to get a 100 word rebuttal. Then post it as “answers” from each candidate with a “comments” section that has the rebuttals from each candidate. Also leave 100 words for that candidate for a 100 word final response.

It would certainly mean more than “Who here is for Evolution?” and “What do you dislike most about America?”.


2 Responses to “The 30 person debate”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    May 4, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    I watched the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate broadcast live from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., and was left thinking Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson came away clear winners.

    That’s right! Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, and Thompson, the Law and Order star and former U.S. senator from Tennessee, can declare victory simply because both were smart enough to skip the event for two likely reasons:

    First, because it’s taking place far too early to be remembered by voters 9 or more months from now;


    Second, because video clips and sound bites from the event will serve Democrat candidates’ needs more than Republicans, a result of the fact that many of the questions were “loaded” with liberal bias in a variety of ways.

    Speaking of liberal bias, I must share my feelings about MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and his colleagues at the alphabet networks: In short, I’ve never been comfortable with the hiring of former Democrat speech writers and operatives like Matthews, ABC’s George Stephanopolous and NBC’s Tim Russert as news anchors and, in this case, debate moderators.

    Hat’s off to all of the Republican candidates for their self-control in not reaching out to ring the necks of Matthews and his Politico.com pals for conducting themselves the way they did.

    Wrapping up, I want to share my gut-instinct feelings about the ”performances” of all the GOP candidates — all of whom must secretly wish they were Reagan – tonight:

    Sam Brownback: Good guy. Would make a great neighbor.

    Jim Gilmore: Straight-shooter who backs promises.

    Rudy Giuliani: Democrat in a Republican suit that didn’t fit.

    Mike Huckabee: Honest and sincere.

    Duncan Hunter: Tough on border security.

    John McCain: Striving to produce sound bites, appear tough. Didn’t do either well.

    Ron Paul: Most common sense and, at same time, darkest horse running.

    Mitt Romney: Too plastic. Too polished. Looks like Lyle Waggoner of The Carol Burnett Show from the ’70s.

    Tom Tancredo: Independent-minded but flustered by Chris Matthews repeatedly cutting him off.

    Tommy Thompson: Trying hard to appear tough.

    More later. We have miles to go before we vote.

  2. 2 Doc
    May 4, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    I agree that Gingrich & F. Thompson were the clear winners. Nobody looks good when Chris Matthews is involved. It just can’t be done. I just feel like grabbing him and saying, softly, “Man, you have to stop with the yelling!”

    I pity anyone who has to live with him. Can you imagine dinner? “PASS ME THE GRAVY! 30 SECONDS!”

    The Republican debate was about the Big Three trying to look Presidential while the others try to get noticed while not looking like idiots. Tread water and wait for the other guy to drown.

    Rudy– That abortion response is going to really hurt. No conviction in what he said.

    Mitt– Got the best questions to answer first, and made light of them. I dare say he’s the winner, but only because the format made him look better than anyone else.

    McCain– He’s got a long way to go to convince people he’s a Republican. He’s got major problems in his past, and even bigger problems with things he’s attached to, like CFR. He’ll never get past the base, and every single poll leans that way. In fact, the only poll he tests well with are ones with Democrats.

    Ron Paul– He’s the Kucinich of GOP nomination. He’ll never get it, but he brings something new to the table.

    Duncan Hunter– Treaded water. He’ll pick up momentum as others drop out. But what he really needs is name recognition, and the MSNBC cameras were just not fast enough to get to him.

    Tommy Thompson– He’s popular, but in low electoral-count states. He needs to be more aggressive in the debates.

    Mike Huckabee– Kept his head above water, but that “evolution” question is going to come back to bite him.

    Sam Brownback– Same as Huckabee.

    Tancredo! — One issue won’t get you elected. I’m hoping he’s angling for a platform change rather than an actual nomination because it’s clear he won’t get it.

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