Time Magazine Flirts with Irrelevance

First, they make everybody their Person of the Year. Idiots.

Then they take a Most Influential list and put on Tina Fey, arguably one of the worst talents on TV, and say she’s more influential than the President of the United States. Come on, a former SNL writer is that important? Please.

What’s more striking is the fawning of the modern liberal. Pelosi, Obama, Clooney, even the Goracle (who’s in Scientists and Thinkers– you have to be kidding me, folks!) are listed there. Not to mention proponents of embryonic stem cell researchers. It’s hard to find a conservative in the group.

There’s R(ino)-Nold. There’s Bloom(rino)berg. There’s Pope Benedict. Condi’s in there. And, that’s it. But you have a list of Hollywood’s leftiest celebs (DiCaprio, Clooney, Fey, America Ferrera, Rosie) as well as Osama Bin Laden, but no President Bush. Not even the new PM of Canada, Stephen Harper, who’s the first conservative to lead Canada in ages, gets a mention.

But Merkel does.

I’m also a little miffed that astronomy & physics dominate the science category when there’s plenty of chemistry out there that’s revolutionizing the world.

But, don’t let that stop Time. Cut them some slack. It’s hard work when everyone’s a Person of the Year.


1 Response to “Time Magazine Flirts with Irrelevance”

  1. 1 Bobak
    May 5, 2007 at 6:44 am

    Osama Bin Laden who’s that????

    Oh, right, I forgot he’s the guy we are “looking” for in Afghanistan. But where are we putting all our men to catch those who attacked us…..Iraq. Shouldn’t they be going after him? No, that would make too much sense…

    But I do think that someone who comes up with this type of logic should be included on some kind of a list, hey you have a Wall of Idiocy that seems perfect! Maybe not, I mean it was “Mission Accomplished” after all, right?????? Man, I love your blog!

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