Clintoon Warns of Imminent Destruction

Bill Clintoon says:

“[Disasters are] coming,” Clinton said. “And I know there is no great political constituency for it, but we can avert these disasters for not very much money if they can be put into the public debate and people understand clearly what’s going to happen.”

The Kennedy Center is spending $1.5 million to find out why governments around the world are ignoring obvious threats.

I know the answer! It’s because governments are corruptible and they spend their disaster preparedness money on pet projects and eventually leave so little money there nothing can be done with it. Can I have $500,000 now?

And David Roberts is over at Puffingtons again talking out of his posterior. He’s praising the junior senator from Montana for killing a bill because it doesn’t address carbon sequestering from coal-based energy production:

Tester isn’t against coal. He supports it; he’s from a coal state. But as his spokesflack says, Tester believes “we must first pave the way for a sustainable and responsible future in coal development by ensuring the capture and storage of carbon emissions.” He realizes that blundering ahead with coal before addressing its emissions is tantamount to collective suicide, and he’s not willing to sign on with that for the sake of a big-money industry in his state.

Given how many jobs Tester’s willing to sacrifice for a process that doesn’t even exist yet, he may be in trouble come the next election cycle.

On the other hand, Wyoming senator Craig Thomas (R) is interested in coal-fuel technologies to attempt to lessen our dependence on oil.

I guess that means Tester is beholden to Big Oil? What a shill!


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