The Congress of Our Discontent

Bush’s approval ratings have sunk into the 30’s and haven’t moved.

But the New, Corruption-free Congress has seen their approval ratings drop into the 20’s, according to Gallup.

And why is it that all politicians are getting it from all angles all the time?

Well, the answer is quite obvious– the political situation never changes, and the people want a change? What’s the difference between a Republican Congress and Democrat Congress? Nothing. Both are privileged people out doing the bidding of a political party to keep things exactly where they are. The big worries are things like abortion, or welfare, or unemployment, but all politics is ultimately about pork. And people are sick and tired of pork.

Unfortunately, the leadership on both sides of the aisle in Congress is a porking away, getting their earmarks for projects that are totally unnecessary. There are no fiscally conservatives. The size of government isn’t shrinking. And it’s not like George Bush is doing a damn thing to fix it, either.

The politicos don’t get it. The talking heads don’t get it. Bloggers, press, speechwriters, candidates– they don’t get it.

People want everyone out of Congress. They don’t want to be labored with politicians who are busy appealing to special interests. They don’t want the soldiers defunded in the middle of a war. They don’t want us meandering in a conflict for X number of years.

They want accountability. They need communication from the President. They need a corruption-free Congress. And, most importantly, they don’t want to spend election cycles reelecting the same people who do everything they don’t want them to do!

And when they have this attitude about oversight, I have to agree. Let’s junk all of them. Get a new political party out there and start from scratch. The GOP and DNC don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and only 28% approve of what they’re doing. Get them out, cut government, fix it all.


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