Vacation Blogging

Our outdoor fun has been cut short due to rain and cold, so I’ve been reading some. Here’s some recommended reading:

I’d say this young woman is on the fast-track to an early Ph.D. in climatology. Her analysis is incomplete, but her style and presentation of information are truly impressive (her analysis of the El Nino Southern Oscillation is compelling and is a much better indicator of warming trends). I wish more of my students were as thorough and engaging in discussion as she is. Maybe she can explain to Nancy that witnessing glacier calving isn’t the same as saying the world is warming. But remember– liberals don’t have to face facts (like #6 here), they get by on feelings.

Your government is hard at work hiding their total mismanagement of our taxes, according to USA today. Remember, flat tax, cut government programs, and, for God’s sake, TERM LIMITS!!! Do you really think anything is going to change if we keep the same crew in Congress?

Slate is blogging the Bible. It’s off to a great start, and it’s making the serious mistake of going it alone without someone to put everything into context. Meanwhile, the indefatigable Robert Spencer is going to tackle the Koran over at Hot Air in a weekly column. Robert’s been a Koranic scholar for a long time, and he’s browsed the most famous commentary on the subjects.

I plan on doing much lounging tomorrow before another day of travel, so I may get a few more posts in. If not, I’ll see you all next week.


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