Immigration! AIGH!

Many conservatives are up in arms about immigration. I’m a little confused about it all.

When Bush was campaigning, it was clear– crystal clear– that he was sympathetic in the extreme to the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens. I remember his campaign stop in Texas where he started speaking Spanish. Now that the Democrats are on-board with this Amnesty thing, all I can see is that this will happen, and– shocking prediction forthcoming– nothing new will happen.

That’s right. Nothing new at all. Even these “Type Z Visas” that are a one-page amnesty thing are not going to kill healthcare or social security any more than they have been in the past. Illegal immigrants are not going to become citizens because if they wanted to be citizens they could have become them already! It’s not that hard. I think it’s actually easier for an illegal immigrant to become a citizen than somebody who obtains a visa and comes here legally.

Listen. Social Security and Medicare are in horrible shape, mainly due to mismanagement and poor planning by the Feds. The political rule was “don’t touch Social Security”. Well, nobody’s touched it, but the demographics are shifting putting a greater burden upon the working. It’s questionable if I’ll get any Social Security payouts in 30 years. All we know is that the system needs a repair but nobody’s willing to touch that political live-wire.

So don’t rend your clothes when this passes. Sure, vent your anger on convenient political targets. But also remember that Bush has always been in favor of it. The Anchoress has a good view on just what else Bush has done in his Presidency.


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