Not a big enough story to bump Paris Hilton but…

a professor at MIT has come up with a way to transmit energy in a “wireless” form.

It’s actually quite ingenious. A magnetic field is place at a central locus and any device that is designed to resonate with the magnetic field does so and receives power as it does.

No more plugging into walls. Now devices such as cell phones, vacuums and blenders can be powered simply by having a built-in induction coil to supply power.

The only drawback is the weakness of the inductive field. I also don’t know what the effect of having an overlapping magnetic field would have on the power source (does your vacuum fry out if you hit an overlap zone)? Would unprotected magnetic storage devices be at-risk in such a field? These are just a few concerns.

But it’s a very cool application of magnetic fields.


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