Abortion, Statistics, and The New York Times

It’s been no secret that Hollywood shies away from abortion when it’s in a mainstream venue. There are some reasons for this: the possible backlash from conservative groups, the fact the subject matter may drive viewers away, or that it won’t be as distributable a film because of a controversial bit of subject matter.

But what’s the reality of it? You can’t write in abortion into “romantic comedy”. You can’t even really put it into “Action”, or to a lesser degree, “Sci-fi”. And obviously we don’t want to hear “Shrek” talking about abortion. The truth of the matter is you can’t write abortion into a mainstream movie because nobody wants to see it. It’s like making a romantic comedy about somebody who goes through diabetes then halfway through the film has to have their legs amputated. Nothing says romance like amputation!

So to have the NYT waste print on an article bemoaning the undercoverage of abortion in movies is thick. Mireya Navarro also rages against the movie “Knocked Up”, which is odd because the whole premise is that the pregnancy brings two people together. Maybe she’d be happier if she had an abortion, then moved to New York, married the intellectual effete, and then discovered she was pregnant again with triplets. Then she “reduced” the twins in her belly and just had one kid and was happy ever after.

What truly bothers me is not the “wishful thinking” of the article, but the following statement:

But in another way, both movies go out of their way to sidestep real life. Nearly two-thirds of unwanted pregnancies end in abortion, data from federal surveys shows.

Isn’t that odd? People who don’t want their pregnancies end up aborting them! Did you know that most people who want their pregnancies end up having babies? I know, it’s a shocker!

It’s like there are no editors at the NYT any more. They’re all too busy trying to save their circulation that read the work of their reporters.

Maybe we can have Mireya write an article about how lack of oxygen kills emphysema patients.


1 Response to “Abortion, Statistics, and The New York Times”

  1. 1 suckonthis
    June 22, 2009 at 4:06 am

    Way to miss the point of the article. The point is that movies such as the ones in question actively avoid presenting abortion as an option by having their main characters not even consider a choice that is made by the majority of women who end up with unwanted pregnancies.

    It’s made clearer here:

    “And though “General Hospital” went so far as to portray a character going through with an abortion last year, Nancy Lee Grahn, a longtime abortion rights advocate and an actress who plays Alexis on the show, said the writers made sure they wrote in opposing views, including dialogue in which another character called the pregnant woman a “baby killer.”

    Ms. Grahn, who said she had an abortion in her 20s, said that “women who have been able to go on with their life without feeling evil” are not represented on television.”

    The clear conclusion is that Hollywood and other entertainment media avoid having characters they want to appear likeable consider abortion as an option because people who have abortions are so routinely and vocally demonised by people such as yourself.

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