Global Warming Hits Marioland

And those poor poor mushrooms aren’t doing so well!

Seriously, though, Microsoft has announced a contest to see who can come up with the best game design using XNA Game Studio Express. Top teams will win cash prizes.

Here are some ideas from me on global warming related games:

1) The Protocols of Kyoto. Enforce strict control over Western economies. Watch unemployment numbers rise, poverty increase, and a decrease in foreign aid. In the meantime, watch as poor counties struggle to manufacture power plants in accordance with the demands of Kyoto. See the people starve, die of disease, and go to war over resources that would not be so rare had there been a proper power infrastructure. Pat yourself on the back as global temperatures decrease in 100 years after the major world economies collapse and leave the world back in a period of technological simplicity.

2) Polar Bear Rescue! Drive your motorboat through the summer Arctic waters saving polar bears as they drift on icebergs. But don’t get too close! They’re hot & hungry. Race to prevent the number of polar bear species from going from 14 to 12!

3) Offset Tycoon. You own an energy consortium in Tennessee. Sell offsets to gullible people, er, customers as they make themselves feel better about saving money. Then take your private jet to Italy on vacation!


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