Chris Matthews Tells It Like It Is!

On Wednesday night at the roundtable: (via Newsbusters)

Ana Marie Cox, Time.com: “I also want to say that this idea about voice being very important to the current viewer and, and Eugene’s right that it’s true, that this idea that we should be aiming for objective truth in, in journalism is a relatively new thing for us.”

Chris Matthews: “I agree.”

Cox: “And I think what’s important is that people trust, they could trust an unbiased [sic], they could trust a biased source.”

Matthews: “Okay, this country was built on biased reporting.”

Cox: “Yeah.”

Matthews: “Common Sense by Thomas Paine built this country and it was a point of view — better independence than British rule. There’s a point of view!”

Nice one! So our country is merely the end product of biased journalism? So we no longer need to vote, participate in local politics, or even care what the news says, because ultimately it’s the prevailing ideological slant of the majority of journalists which defines the country?

Awesome. I’m sure all of the PoliSci professors around the country are tickled pink on hearing that.

And, speaking of talking heads, Tony Blair has a smashing deconstruction of the media and how the news is no longer as important as the spin and commentary that comes after it. In the age of 24 hour news, no truer words have been spoken.


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