Courting the Deaniacs

Hillary Clinton got some boos from the crowd at a “Take Back America” rally where she was speaking. This isn’t a surprise. When a candidate acknowledges Code Pink protesters– and agrees with them– you know there’s a special kind of pandering going on.

Way back in 2004 , when Dean uttered his infamous “Yeaarrrrggghhh”, he said that he and his followers were going to various states that will sweep him into office. We all had a good laugh, but it was Dean who had the last laugh. He and his nutsroots followers have swept him into a position that’s nearly as important as President– chairman of the Democratic Party. As a result, the Deaniacs have been emboldened, and these nutsroots rank-and-file members have been sure to assail anyone and everyone Democratic who supported the war, supported the troops, supported Bush, or even supported Israel.

I remember in 2000 when Lieberman was the VP darling of the Gore/Lieberman ticket. I remember the debate between Joe and Cheney was a far more informational dialog than anything Gore & Bush had. Now Joe is reviled by the same party that hoisted him on his shoulders 7 years ago. What’s changed? Has Lieberman shifted his positions?

The answer is no. Lieberman hasn’t changed his position. He’s been in favor of the Iraq policy from day one, and he’s never wavered. What has shifted is the vocal core of the Democratic party. No longer are unions the major voice. No longer is it the “party of the minority”. Those are still the “useful idiots” of the Democratic party, but the big money push has come from the far left, and as any political party does, it shifts to where the money comes from.

Hillary, the blessed wife of the “First Black President of the United States“, has been carefully staking out ground as a “moderate” liberal, but she has been too slow to react to the drift of her party’s base towards the “nutty” left. As a result, she’s ending up with an almost conservative title. She supported the war, and now she conveniently blames the Iraqis for not controlling their country, so she wants to pull the US Troops out to… help the Iraqis control their country? Sounds like something the nutty left would want. This is not the same pro-war Hillary that she was trying to craft in 2003. She has to pander to where the money is, and that money no longer lies with the centrists of the democratic party.

So Hillary has a choice. She can either embrace the Deaniacs and the bags and bags of money that come from Code Pink, Veterans for Truth, and the 9/11 Truthers, or she can veer back to the middle, courting traditional Democratic bases as teachers, unions, and minorities and hope she has can rustle up enough support to win without the money of an Edwards or Obama.

She is currently teetering on the fence. And one thing’s for sure– staying on that fence isn’t going to make either side happy.


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