Scooter Gets Clemency

He should really see a doctor about that. “Dick? Look at this. I think I just got clemency from Bush.” “I hear hunting with me clears that right up.”

So, the insanity has begun. The left has set their collective hair on fire about it. Bobak’s in the hospital with an aneurysm, and I was on vacation during the whole thing.

I find it fascinating. Bush doesn’t pardon Libby, but commutes his sentence to probation and keeps the fine in tact. It was one of the harshest verdicts on any high-ranking government official. He perjured himself and obstructed justice.

Geez, we don’t know anyone like that, do we? Strangely enough, the same icons of the Left pardoned more people than Bush, including people of far worse crimes, and there was never any outcry.

Interestingly enough, most of the news stories I heard while in California about this couldn’t help but someone connect Libby with the leaking of Plame’s name, although the charges are totally unrelated. In fact, zealous special prosecutor and all, nobody has been brought to justice over the leak. Why? Because it was bogus. Wilson is a Democratic tool who warned about Nigerian yellow cake uranium being a canard. Everyone thought he was right. But he was wrong. Everyone lambasted the Bush administration for going after the Niger connection, but it turns out the Bush administration was correct and Wilson was wrong. But it would be neigh impossible for the entire hierarchy of the Press to turn and savage their darling for making them look like fools. Instead, they zipped their lips and let the revelations die.

But that wasn’t enough. Instead of beating Wilson over the head for missing an important national security risk (Iraq was negotiating to buy uranium, people!), we ignore him and go after– Scooter Libby for having a faulty memory.

Tell me– who’s the bigger security risk? Who should we really be hammering here?

The blow-up over Libby is total misdirection and it’s embarrassing that the leaders of our country and the press can’t get around the fact that Bush stopped a declared enemy of the United States from procuring radioactive materials for refinement to weapons-grade.

If you ask me, we should be hanging Wilson up by his thumbs. And now you know why I can’t trust Democrats with issues of national security– they’re not focused on the problems at hand and instead dwell on political power. The Republicans are somehow too weak to stand up for themselves and instead sell out for a perceived political gain.

Now you can understand why I want term limits. It’s more than something “good for the nation”, it’s vital to keeping our nation strong.


1 Response to “Scooter Gets Clemency”

  1. 1 Bobak
    July 12, 2007 at 7:58 am

    Gee, I’m sure in your world lying about a blowjob is much worse than outing a CIA agent…I mean those are 2 completely parallel situations, right…(bad try – 0/10)

    Why would you say this is bogus when the Bush White House has used Executive Privilege in order to stump the prosecutor every chance he gets? If he ain’t got nothing to hide why stop it from coming to light? Kinda like your man O’riely would say about those clebs who payoff not to make their lawsuits public (wait a sec…didn’t he do that?)Hypocrite.

    I digress

    The funny thing about this post is not so much that they MIGHT have found something to connect Nigeria and Iraq (about 5 years too late!) but the blindness of the writer!

    Why does the White House keep playing politics with EVERYTHING

    Yesterday I turn on C-SPAN ( I know its run by those damn LIBERALS! haha)and I see the former Surgeon General telling Congress that the White House put politics and Religion (you know tooth fairy and such) over protecting the American people. Seems like the Right is dwelling on political power…oh no they wouldn’t do that, ask Tom Delay…once agian your CSI-like skills are no better than a half awake Bobak….son…

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