The Chickenhawk Dishonesty

Over at HuffPo, Max Blumenthal has had a post and video featured for nearly all week about the “College Republican” chickenhawks. He visits a College Republican convention at the Sheraton, “owned by the right-wing Korean cult-leader Sun Myung-Moon” (which is irrelevant to the premise, but anything to take a swipe at the right-wing is perfectly OK). There he interviews college republicans and ask if they have enlisted and fought in Iraq, and, not surprisingly, most say they haven’t. Some have actual medical conditions (which Max calls “excuses”) that prevent them from serving in the military. I guess asthma and poor knees, both of which prevent running, are not real reasons to avoid military service. Hey, you can still drive a truck, you chickenhawk!

I would guess that most College Democrats haven’t enlisted, either. But nobody videotapes them at conventions asking these loaded questions. I would think that the Democrats are “chickendoves”, people who are too cowardly to fight for their country if it were attacked by terrorists. The terrorists have made it clear they want the destruction of America and our way of life– why don’t they want to fight the terrorists and defend the Constitution? The obvious question is that they don’t want to defend the Constitution! All college democrats must be Marxist liberals who want to install a Stalinist secular regime supported by the secret police whos primary job is to collect taxes from a Church!

Or maybe that’s totally rediculous. Just like it is to accuse republicans of being chickenhawks.

I notice that Blumenthal doesn’t have military service listed in his bio. I wonder if he’s secretly the reincarnation of Brezhnev.


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Remember, if I lose, Max Blumenthal wins.


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