Don’t Drink and Drive

…Space Shuttles. According to a survey, it looks as if some astronauts have gone up into space a little boozed.

So let me get this straight. We put people in a suit, tell them to sit tight for two or three hours, then ignite a few thousand pounds of fuel to fire them into space so they can float around in an enclosed space, make repairs on really expensive space junk, and run experiments such as the effects of weightlessness on cabbage, and we expect them to stay sober?!

By all means, they should have a minibar on the shuttle, not a few hundred packages of Tang.

This story promoted the worst phrase ever uttered by a politician. Ever.

“That’s not the ‘right stuff’ as far as I’m concerned,” said Bart Gordon, D-Tenn.

See, told you it sucked.


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