How not to run national defense

It’s clear that Washington is completely out of step with the electorate. It would seem clear that the 2006 gains by Democrats in Congress were a message from the people that they wanted change. And change they got. Only, it wasn’t the change they were expecting. Congressional approval is down to 18%. The Right doesn’t like the shenanigans of Pelosi and her crew. The uberLeft doesn’t like the fact that the troops aren’t home and we haven’t cured Global Warming and given everyone health care yet. And the people in the middle? Well, what they really wanted was to see the US squash the uprising in Iraq and get the troops home safely while at the same time accomplishing their mission.

But the Democratic Leadership isn’t interested in it. If a general comes forward with good news in Iraq, they’re going to try to spin it so it’s bad news. It’s true. The Democrats are now firmly invested in seeing America’s military defeat for their own political gain.

What’s even more amazing is the reaction of some Republican senators and representatives. Mark Warner, R-Va, is now calling for Bush to announce the withdrawing of US forces in mid-September. Given that it’s been the strategy of the Democrats to withdraw, and at the same time the poll numbers have sunk to historic lows, Warner must have thought, “They’re upset becuase the troops are still there!” No, you bumbling idiot. They’re upset because you’re trying to pull the troops when the shift in strategy seems to be working.

It was clear– crystal clear– in 2006 that the electorate wanted change in the way we were handling the Iraq war and overall global war on terror. And they got that. Rummy resigned. Praeteus took charge in Iraq. And, best of all, the changes made are showing significant progress. Bush’s approval ratings have gone up lately, coinciding with the improvement of Iraq. Go figure!

Earth to D.C.– get the message. Don’t be so heavily invested in defeat. How about you support victory? Maybe if the US was united behind the military effort to establish a democracy in Iraq, the terrorists would be conceding defeat there. Instead we have people saying Bush is greater than or equal to Hitler and that the US military are horribly people who dehumanize people through training (and you don’t even have to be in a combat theater to think so!). And every time there’s a bombing, talking heads come out and say we’re bad people for wanting to keep a military presence in Iraq.

Just once I’d like to see a round table on CNN say, in unison, after a horrible terrorist bombing in Iraq (or Israel for that matter): “We’re tired of these bombings. Let’s not withdraw from Iraq until every last scum-sucking cleric who turns young men into murdering martyrs is arrested and/or killed. God speed, our front-line military. We’re behind you 100%. May you bring stability and justice to a chaotic land.”

But if they did that, they might flock to Olberman.


1 Response to “How not to run national defense”

  1. 1 Bobak
    August 27, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    Um, what does a bomb in Israel have to do with us?

    Seems to me you’re a Zionist, in that case you’re dumber than I thought….which was a pretty low standard already…

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