Two Senators in Hot Water

First is Senator Craig of Idaho who pleaded guilty to solicitation of sexual favors in an airport bathroom stall. Evidently, this was a sting that was being operated by the police (because it’s a serious crime!), and Craig was nailed for it.

Big news. Gigantic news. Iran-might-have-nukes-but-oh-my-god-that-senator-is-gay big news.

Sure it’s a misdemeanor. But his actions when he was popped were arrogant (surprise!) and rude and generally creepy.

People, left and right, are clamoring for his resignation. Given it’s a misdemeanor and other senators have committed manslaughter and are still serving, I wouldn’t object to him serving out his term. I would object to him running for reelection, however.

On the other hand, Senator Hillary Clinton is in a little trouble, mainly because of some donations of questionable origin. Looks like the Paws family is donating mucho deniro to her campaigns– hundreds of thousands of dollars. While that may not be a big deal, these folks live in the San Francisco Bay Area and, with the exception of one family member who works at a successful mutual fund.

Oh, and they all make their donations at the same time as big-time political financier Norman Hsu.

The Paws are being mostly tight-lipped about this, and Hsu strongly denies any involvement with the family’s donations (although he did list their house as a residential address at one point). Sen. Clinton hasn’t returned any of the money and is really hoping this will all go away.

But doesn’t it sound like organized crime buying political favor? Or is it just me?

Oh, nevermind. We’ve got another Gay Republican!


2 Responses to “Two Senators in Hot Water”

  1. 1 Bobak
    September 6, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    1) Its not a big deal to you, b/c your a right winger trying to minimize its importance.

    2) It is important to scrutinize and make sure the entire public knows about this b/c he works for the public (duh).

    3) Its a bigger deal than it otherwise would have been, but this guy’s been against gay rights from the beginning. Making him a hypocrite (synonymous with Republican) or a self-loather.

    4) This guy was one of the most outspoken critics of Preident Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Why was he a critic, well he was disgusted by the immoral nature of it. Yet, he’s found trying to solicit gay sex from who knows in a public bathroom?! WOW. I’m sure thats not immoral, right?

    In this respect he’s clearly a hypocrite (a very republican thing to be). When Clinton was asked about it he kept his nose out of it (class when compared to the Right).

    Bottom line this asshole should start a new group which only consists of hypocrite who are “holier then thou”. Included in this group will be: Ted Haggard (I know you must love this Evangelical), Newt Gingrinch (affiars), Bill O’rielly (sexual harrassment, saying that others shouldn’t give in to BS allegations) and of course – Rush Limbuagh (says all drug offenders should be put in jail. then takes more painkillers then me trying to read your crap)- the list goes on and on….oddly enough All Right-Wingers….coincidence, I think not…tool bag

  2. 2 Bobak
    September 6, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    As for your comments about Hsu and Clinton. Its funny b/c I believe that Jack Abramoff was convicted of Conspiracy and Fraud. And the vast majority of his beneficiaries were Republicans. The last time I looked almost none of them gave the money back. Plus the President lied about ever having contact with him. So you tell me which was worse?

    You should really stick to being a teacher’s assistant…

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