Poor Kanye West

He only wins Grammys, not VMA Moon Men. And now he’s alluding to racism because he didn’t win. He says he’ll never come back to MTV, and George Bush still hates black people (it’s the REAL reason he lost, don’tcha know?). Of course, he can’t really say that because in one category he lost to Rhianna/Jay-Z, and Gnarls Barkley in another category (the rest he lost to Justin Timberlake).

But the reality of the whole of the VMA– I don’t know any of these people. Or their music. Mainly because MTV stopped playing music over 10 years ago (well, there’s a strip of time in the morning, but that’s being pared down to make room for Celebrity Rap Superstar (I wish I was making that up)).

I haven’t seen any of these videos. I haven’t heard the music. But that’s because I’m old and I feel that Pop Music is uninspired and overproduced garbage for the most part. Sure there’s some good stuff, but I switched over to trance and electronica genres a while ago due to the lack of a good band.

You can tell music is in a sorry state when reunion tours are big attractions.

That and you have whiny primadonnas complaining they’re going to bolt if they don’t win. Again.


1 Response to “Poor Kanye West”

  1. 1 Zmahathera
    November 29, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    Very true.

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