The Left Goes Bonkers

Not like it’s anything new, mind you. But Petraeus talks and Code Pink interrupts! MoveOn.org says the ranking general in Iraq should really be called “Betray Us”. And Keith Olberman says Fox News is worse than Al Queda and are just as bad as the KKK (by logical reasoning, the KKK is worse than Al Queda).

It should be said that Code Pink was only interrupting because Petraeus is reporting moderate success in Iraq. If he was reporting quagmire-level disaster, there’d be nary a peep from the crowd.

Oh, and then there’s MoveOn, which is saying that the entire US command structure in Iraq have betrayed the country. The still support the troops, mind you, but the whole of the Army? No way! (Anyone see a problem here?)

And KO declaring that Fox News is as dangerous as the KKK is irresponsible and just plain mean. It’s not totally unexpected, what with Osama Bin Laden coming out and railing against the mortgage crisis and lauding Noam Chomsky, he has to make someone look as bad or worse than Al-Queda, and that would be the sheet-wearin’ KKK.

I don’t remember Ed Murrow ever stating that Nixon was Hitler, or that ABC was a bunch of racists. But hey, different times, right, Keith?


1 Response to “The Left Goes Bonkers”

  1. 1 Bobak
    September 11, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    Its funny you need to point out these things to show are “bonkers” b/c to show the Right is bonkers I simply look at Evangelicals that rule the party. Can you say “crazy”?

    Too bad people are so used to the Right being off the rocker its now expected…..

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