Pelosi– My General Thinks Your General Sucks

Nancy Pelosi isn’t happy with the current Iraq strategy. I am shocked and amazed that she isn’t.

“President Bush’s policy announced by General Petraeus is a path to 10 more years of war in Iraq. General Petraeus’ testimony to Congress drew a bright line: redeployment is not an option; endless war in Iraq is the Administration’s only option.

Even though Petraeus clearly stated the comments “These are my comments, it won’t stop Pelosi from making political hay by claiming it’s Bush’s comments through a mouthpiece.

Considering that the 2006 election wasn’t a referendum on withdrawal, but a referendum on shift of strategy (“do it right or get out”, essentially), Petraeus has certainly been “doing it right” with the improvement of conditions in Iraq. For Pelosi to demand greater troop reductions which fly in the face of the theater commander is an investment in defeat. If she wanted success, she’d be applauding Petraeus’ efforts instead of sabotaging them. Make no mistake– the Democrats are now firmly invested in defeat, not victory. Even Osama Bin Laden knows it.


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