Only the Most Important News

Of course it involves celebrities. Like Cate Blanchett building a home that recycles pee-pee into potable water. That must have been a fun sales meeting! “We have normal plumbing, and then there’s this filtration system that allows you to drink your filtered urine!” “Well, sign me up, Gordo!”

And O.J. is back in the news. Everyone‘s producing tapes of Simpson before, during, and after the robbery, so you have to wonder just what the hell went down in Vegas. As for O.J., it looks like what golfs in Vegas, stays in the county jail.

And I’m saving the best for last. Madonna says she’s an “ambassador for Israel” as she arrived in the Holy Land for conference on Kabbalah. (Bear in mind she’s not Jewish.) So, without further ado, I present to the United Nations the new UN Ambassador from Israel, Esther Madonna Ritchie:
And don’t forget, you Orthodox Rabbis, she’s also an author. I hear she plans to send autographed copies of “Sex” bundled with this book to the leaders of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran and Pakistan, just to help them understand just how well she represents Judaism.


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