Ahmadinejad Is Going to College

He’s been invited to speak at Columbia University.

I want to know who invited him, and why? Surely it can’t be just one guy saying, “Let’s invite the Ayatollah!” (Yes, I know Ahmadinejad is not the Ayatollah, but it’s funnier than “President of Iran!”) And how can it possibly be that a group of Ivory Tower Intellectuals (ITIs) think it’s kosher to invite the guy who’s people are actively trying to blow up US troops and destabilize Iraq? The same guy who’s denied the Holocaust, made blanket statements about wiping Israel off the map— you know who I’m talkin’ about, Willis!

What’s a real shame is the work that comes from Columbia is truly impressive, from a research standpoint. In the field of chemistry, there’s a few Priestly award winners. There’s Fields medal recipients there. Nobel laureates. The place is an intellectual powerhouse. And it’s clear that the ITI’s of Columbia don’t see any problem with inviting an Islamofacist to their home for a little chat.

Well, if you must ask, it’s all about Bush Derangement Syndrome. The enemy of my enemy and all of that nonsense. Because Ahmadinejad regularly thumbs his nose at the US and Bush, the ITIs at Columbia are just wetting themselves with glee that they can get this guy to come speak and “speak truth to power”. (And, if you’re a conservative at Columbia, don’t bother coming. We don’t want your truth speaking to our power– the ITI administration.)

Jeff Goldstein over at Protein Wisdom sums it up in a quote I want on the wall of my office:

And because there is nothing more intolerant than value judgments, your value judgments will be shunned. In the name of tolerance!

His take on the subject is priceless.

And yes, I know the Littlest Mullah is going over to Ground Zero, and yes, it is an offense. But I’ll remind you of something– the US is a free country. We’re willing (although begrudgingly) to allow him access to Ground Zero because we are free. Can you imagine Bush trying to go to Iran without being captured, attacked, bombed? Never.


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