College Journalists at Their Finest

LGF has the whole editorial, which I’ll reprint here:


This is the view of the Collegian editorial board.

Now, if Bush had done something to students, or instituted a draft, or did something so heinous, I could understand it.

But what did Bush do in the past week? Appoint a new Ag Secretary. Push support for the war, just as he had the past 6 years. Nope, nothing that would aggravate a student body population. So the eloquent editorial of the newspaper board is nothing but a belligerent expression of political displeasure. No reasoning. No argument. No explaination. Just an expression of anger without reason.

Whoever is in charge of the newspaper should remove the board. Not for saying the statement, but for the lack of professionalism in printing it. They should know better, and they should get sacked for their poor decision.


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