High Court Chickens Out

I’m not sure why the Supreme Court is avoiding a state/religion battle, especially one with such staggering implications.

I’m talking about the decision of the NY Supreme Court to force religious institutions to buy health care for their employees that covers birth control, even though the religious entities may disagree with such a practice. Here’s what the defendants in the lawsuit had to say in the brief to the USSC to try and get heard:

“If the state can compel church entities to subsidize contraceptives in violation of their religious beliefs, it can compel them to subsidize abortions as well,” the groups said in urging the court to take their case. “And if it can compel church entities to subsidize abortions, it can require hospitals owned by churches to provide them.”

They’re right. This legislation is a back-door to force religious institutions to conform to practices that the religions disagree with. Already in Connecticut, the state is forcing Catholic Hospitals to provide Plan B emergency contraception to rape victims, something that made the Catholic Bishops come out with an edict that says Plan B for rape victims is OK. The big problem here is how Plan B works.

Plan B is a larger dose of Levonorgestrel, a common birth control agent. When taken, it can prevent ovulation, prevent fertilization, or prevent implantation. The biggest objection, from a Catholic standpoint, would be the last measure, which is effectively abortion.

But it’s nice to see that THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE is alive and well, especially when it’s preventing religious organizations from practicing their beliefs.


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