The GOP race is Newtered.

Newt Gingrich says he won’t seek the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination. I like Newt’s politics and ideology, but he’s as polarizing as Hillary. Nomination of Newt would guarantee failure in 2008, so it’s good he’s stepping aside.

I’m still waiting for the GOP to go on the attack against the DNC. All of the Democratic candidates are out there being horrible, and their leaders in Congress are viewed with contempt by most people. In addition, their buddies at MoveOn and Daily Kos are not helping matters. All of this is a sign of monumental weakness for the Democrats, and it’s now that the GOP should press the attack and swing the tide for 2008.

Hillary is their candidate. Make no mistake, she’s the best candidate they’ve got. Her positioning on issues has been clever and well-timed, keeping her insulated from most attacks. But if the GOP can wreck Democrats en masse, Hillary will go down by association, and it saves the GOP from attacking her directly. It also raises the possibility of the GOP retaking the House/Senate in 2008.

But the problem is the GOP isn’t doing anything. I get emails from Mel Martinez that literally do nothing to inspire me. They are attacks and barbs of the DNC, but how is emailing a GOP booster going to change public opinion?

The GOP needs to start fielding ads, either directly or through 527s, and start fielding them during football games, Oprah, nightly newscasts, Grey’s Anatomy– wherever they can get maximum exposure. And all they need to do is point out the horrible approval ratings, expose Harry Reid’s comments that Iraq is “already lost”, that MoveOn is calling a highly decorated 4-star general a “betrayer”, and that the Daily Kos site, a Democratic heavyweight, admits to not supporting the troops. And just end with “Is this the kind of leadership we want in America?”

If I had more time, I’d make my own ad. Maybe I will.


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