The Mandatory Al Gore Post

I didn’t get a chance to blog on the ascendancy of the Goracle to the Halls of Nobel.  Most on the Blogosphere have conveyed my feelings already.  Gore joins the vaulted peacemakers of the world, such as the anti-Semitic Jimmy Carter, Mohammed “Iran’s got no nuclear program!” El Baredai, and Yasser “No, those $4 billion in arms weren’t meant for Palestine” Arafat.  Oh, there’s more. Iowahawk puts it very nicely.

But seriously, what has Gore been doing to help world peace?  Already his strategies on curbing power-generating carbon emissions have relegated African nations to use advanced, more expensive and less-efficient power systems.  That’s not saving any lives, and is probably costing more than it’s saving.  And what about handicapping the Western economies by instituting Draconian standards for environmental purity?  The more companies spend on clean up, the less government gets in profit-related taxes, and the less money countries like ours can send to countries in need.  Do we seriously expect China to send money to Africa for aid?

Al’s alarmism does nothing to actually stem global warming.  And is it something that needs alarmism?  Or does it fall into natural variations?

Look at this paper by a pair of Chemists at Oregon State University.   I know your eyes may glaze over when you start reading the abstract, but you owe it to yourself to read the paper.  Hey, if you can sit through “An Inconvenient Gore”, you can read this thing, ok?


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