The “Candidates in Play”

I was reading reactions to last night’s debate, and one really got under my skin, and that was reading the distillation of the debate over at the Blogometer. While Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney slugged it out, the two “little guys” got virtually no press. If I was one of them and I was paying to have a microphone at those events, I’d get steamed. Tancredo and Hunter are also candidates, but they don’t get any press because they’re not “big names”. According to Kathryn Jean Lopez at the Corner:

“Brownback was right to gracefully bow out before tonight. The others third/fourth tier guys should go. We need to hear more from the candidates in play.”

You know, that’s absolutely sad. What do the other guys have that Hunter / Tancredo don’t? Name recognition. That’s it. Fred! was an actor on TV. Rudy was mayor of New York City. You can’t have swung a dead cat on a news program in the past 4 years and not hit John McCain. And Mitt is a governor of an East Coast state. Hunter & Tancredo are both US Representatives, and they’ve been Reps for a while. Hunter won’t become governor or senator in California for obvious reasons, and Tancredo is a one-issue pony. But does that mean we should exclude them, simply because they’re not easily recognizable names?

Has the conservative base become so jaded that we can’t nominate someone unless they have a buzz about them already?

Maybe instead of concentrating on “electability” we should concentrate on “leadership”. Instead of harping on each other in 30 sec soundbites to see who’s more conservative, we should have a full-day debate on issues, with appropriate rebuttals, presentation of platforms, and a full look at campaigns, rather than just a blurb on the evening news?

Or is running a “Kid Nation” marathon more important to the nation’s well-being?

Let’s compare campaigns, and compare notes on campaigns, and see who the best candidate to lead this country is, rather than concentrating on polls that are swarmed by loyalists for certain campaigns (Paulians, I’m looking at you).

Anyone else think this is a good idea?


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