A Field to Fear

The latest news from Iowa is a close race between Clinton and Obama, and a close race for second behind Romney.

So, my choices would be Hillary, Obama, or Edwards, or Romney, Guliani, Huckabee, F. Thompson, or McCain. Let’s see…

Hillary– She’s got ominous donor problems from the Chinese. That really makes me scratch my head. Why the Chinese? Why are they so interested in electing her? And once I start asking that question, I get uneasy. Seriously uneasy.

Obama– No experience is not a bad thing. It means you’re new to the political process– still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I’m convinced Obama isn’t running for President now so much as he’s running for it in 2016. That’ll give him more time in the Senate, and he’ll be more savvy on how to conduct a campaign then. His ideas are basically worthless pie-in-the-sky pipe-dreams, and I don’t see how he can possibly be a uniter as he’s shown nothing in his policies or politics to indicate he can unite. Much of what he says is also rather divisive.

Edwards– an idiot. See below. He wants you to pay for his problems. Every campaign stop is about “sacrifice”. Well, how about all those now “sacrificing” in the sub-prime housing collapse? What government program are you going to propose to solve those ills?

Romney– A flipper. Was pro-choice, now is pro-life. He managed to get Massachusetts in line, and that’s impressive for a Republican. But his Mormon religion may cost him an election.

Giuliani– A pro-choice Republican who cleaned up New York City. He’s also on wife #3. Not a favorite with the social conservatives, but I’m sure they’ll get on board if he gets the nod. His lack of experience at the executive level hurts.

Huckabee– He’s terrible. He really didn’t do much for Arkansas, and I can only imagine what he’ll do to the country. Somebody said he’s Bush with articulation, and I’m inclined to believe them.

F. Thompson– He’s all laid back, and that’s great for a beer-buddy. But a late-entry into the campaign field? No way. His CFR support is really going to hurt him, as well as….

John McCain– he’s tough, smart, and a vet. But he’s old and his “maverick” status amongst Republicans isn’t helping. Limbaugh hates McCain, and that’s 20 million voters who aren’t backing the senator for President.

Everyone else is statistically irrelevant, which is too bad. I’d like to hear more from Duncan Hunter, but he’s not a big name, but he sounds like he’s got a handle on everything. Maybe he’ll become VP to a Republican. That would be very cool.

But ultimately, who will I vote for when the primaries come around? I’m in Wisconsin, so what I eventually vote won’t matter. As for the general election in a year’s time? I have no idea.


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