Despite the Surge’s Success, It’s Still a Failure

That’s what Time is saying:

 The violence was of course nothing new, especially for the Baquba area, which remains the most troubled region in Iraq outside Baghdad. But the bloodshed showed how the success of the surge of U.S. forces in Baghdad and Anbar Province nine months on has perhaps gone as far as it can toward controlling Iraq’s violence.

What’s nauseating is the lengths our media will go to throw water on good news.  Sure, Baquba is still experiencing violence, but place around Iraq are experiencing less to no violence.

Why do they have to bring out a story like this?  Why not focus on the good news on the ground?  Why do they have to carry water for the “leave Iraq now!” Democrats?

If the plan is working province-by-province, it’ll get to Baquba soon enough.  Why do you think the violence has spiked there?  Because the fearmongers are afraid.  They see AQI being bludgenoned.  Their mighty leader, OBL, has chastised them for not fighting hard enough.  It’s positive news– the surge is working.

This is exactly what the US population wanted in 2006 when the swept out the Republicans and inserted the Democrats.  They wanted a change in Iraq, and Bush gave them a change– a change which is working.  As a result, the electorate is beginning to feel much better about Iraq, despite the MSM’s attempts to paint it as anything other than working system.


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